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Are you kidding?

March 25, 2009

So, I have this friend named Jill.  She is a fairly new friend in the sense that we have talked on and off over the past 2 or 3 years, but have just recently started hanging out.  It started out with play dates for our toddlers Jude & Evie, which progressed to a “Girl’s Night Out” at the local Starbuck’s, and is currently in the planning stages of a “Girl’s Weekend.”   I don’t know about you, but when you can imagine spending an entire weekend with another person with out hyperventilating, I’m pretty sure this means you have found a kindred spirit.  

But the best thing about Jill is, she makes me laugh.  Really hard.  Like bent over, double-knee slap, husband looking at me like I’m crazy, laughter.  I like to laugh.  I find it a highly enjoyable experience.  Take today, for instance.  We were conversing via text (since we both hate to talk on the phone) ironing out the details for our play date this morning.  The following excerpt is the actual conversation (edited for “text speak”), for your enjoyment.

Me:  “I’m at Faith’s awards assembly.  Be out by 10 so come over 10:15-ish.  See you then!”  (Side note:  “ish” is our favorite time of day.)

Jill:  “Sounds good!”

Me:  :)

Jill:  “Update.  Flat tire.  BKG took my car.  Got to call tire shop.  Ugh.”  (Side note:  BKG is Jill’s hubby.)

Me:  “Do you want us to come to you?”

Jill:  “Do you mind?  I am stuck.  I am sad.”

Me:  “Are you kidding?  I’ve been looking forward to this since last week!  I’ll be there in 20.”

Jill:  “LOL!  First all I saw was “are you kidding?”  I thought you were gonna say, ‘hell no loser-  get your own ride!’  LOL!”

Me:  “LOL!!!  I am laughing so hard right now and StudMuffin is looking at me like I’m crazy.  See you soon!”  (side note:  “StudMuffin” is what I call my incredibly sexy hubby!)

Me 5 minutes later:  “OMG!  I am still laughing!”

What did I tell you?  Enjoyable, no?  And the beauty of it all is, that flat tire notwithstanding, we still managed to get together for our, I mean the kids play date.  We even got pizza in the bargain!  And not just any pizza.  Me -n- Ed’s pizza.  Oh yes!  Why is this so exciting, you ask?  Only because Me-n- Ed’s pizza has the best crust ever.  It somehow manages to be crispy, chewy, and fluffy all at the same time.  In a word, perfection!  As you get to know me better, you will find that I am often side-tracked by all of the many “character traits” of whichever food I happen to be eating at the time.  According to Jill, I even do this with gum.  She finds this humorous.  I am so glad I amuse her.  Jill, do you think it’s cause we’re awesome?  I think it’s cause we’re awesome.  ;)

Well, there you have it random people.  My very first blog.  Kudos go to Jill for badgering… I mean, encouraging me to take it up in the first place.  

Until next time…


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