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Sage Advice

April 21, 2009

So, we are getting a puppy on Friday.  An adorable 6 week old, yellow lab.  Her name is Luna.  Luna is the Latin word for moon.  StudMuffin isn’t too keen on that name, but since he was out voted 5 to 1, he has agreed to put on his big boy pants and deal.  

While I am excited at the prospect of adding to our family, I must confess to some doubts as well.  Like, I doubt my sanity for even thinking my kids are responsible enough to take on a whole dog (or even a half dog, if such things were available outside my imagination).  Apparently, I am not the only one questioning my sanity either.  Here is some sage advice given to me via Facebook, in response to my status

My status-  Michelle can’t believe we are getting a puppy on Friday…

And the sage advice:

From SV:  “Are you a glutton for punishment?  Don’t you have enough to take care of and clean up after?  Don’t believe them when they say they will do it.  It’s a trick!!!”

Awww… I am so feelin’ the love!  Gotta admit though, comparing StudMuffin to an excited puppy is pretty stinkin’ funny.  Not gonna lie.  

Until next time…


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  1. April 30, 2009 4:20 pm

    I’m waiting for some puppy pics!

    Is she sleeping through the night yet?

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