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I Really Love It When That Happens

July 2, 2009

I LOVE the fact that after nearly 15 years of separation, my high school girlfriends and I can get together at The Cheescake Factory, and it’s like we’ve never been apart.  I love the fact that when we talk about old classmates, we can barely remember their names, but we know EXACTLY who the other person is talking about.  I love that when we reminisce about our teenage birthday parties, and the time we tee-pee’d the house of the girl we collectively disliked, we still giggle and laugh just like it was yesterday.  I love that when I am with these girls, I am young again.  Kind of like I discovered the fountain of youth.  But most of all, I love it when one of us (Erin!) has some really wonderful news to share, and we all experience that kind of ecstatic joy that can only be shared between friends who genuinely love each other.

Yeah.  I really love it when that happens.HS Reunion From top to bottom going clockwise:  Erin, Joleen, Me, and Kristie at The Elephant Bar (our first mini-reunion).

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