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To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool…

November 30, 2009

Over the last year or so, I have felt a strong pull towards homeschooling my 4 children.  I’m not crazy.  I promise.  You see, I have been seeking the Lord for a good long while over this possibility, and it seemed to me that in the course of this seeking, He was giving me a sort of thumbs-up.  A mental, “you go, girl!”  I was so excited by the possibilities, that I started doing research on the subject. Full spousal support from StudMuffin?  Check.  Talking to local homeschool mom’s about their experiences?  Check.  Check out any and all books that pertain to homeschooling from the library? Check.  Armed with all of this good information, I felt that I was really on the right track. Then, 2 things happened simultaneously, that caused me to question the wisdom of this path I had chosen.

It all started during a conversation with my dad while we were on vacation.  We were sitting out on the back porch, overlooking the awesomeness of the Pacific Ocean, when I got the insane idea of dropping the whole “homeschooling” bomb on my dad’s lap.  Granted, it did sort of come out of left field.  We were probably discussing the sunset, or how incredible it was that we got to stay in this beach house for 8 whole days, when I decided to throw out, “Hey!  So, God is telling me to homeschool the kids next year.  Isn’t that awesome?!!”  Okay… so it’s not like God giving Moses the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai awesome, but still, all-in-all, pretty awesome, right???

Anyhow, my dad sort of popped my “homeschooling bubble,” when he looked over at me and asked with all sincerity, “how do you know it was God speaking to you, and not just your own desire to homeschool?”  *Insert sound of deflating balloon here*  Not exactly the boost of confidence I was looking for, but he did raise a valid point.  How do I know that this is what God is telling me to do? So far, I haven’t come up with an easy answer to that question.

The second monkey to throw a wrench into all of my marvelous plans, came from yours truly; in an act of such complete parental failure, I am too ashamed to even put it in writing.  Let’s just say it involved my teenage daughter, and my propensity towards “potty-mouth syndrome” when provoked to anger.  Yet again, I am left to wonder if I will ever get this parenting thing right.  Sigh…  But once again, I digress.

This is only part of the reason I find myself questioning my ability to handle being at home with my children 24/7.  Multiply that by the fact that I will actually have to teach them… stuff, and well, you get the point.   How on earth will I do all this, when I can’t even get through Thanksgiving break without going postal?  So, what do you think, dear reader?  To homeschool, or not to homeschool? That is indeed, the question.

Until next time…


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  1. December 1, 2009 12:06 am

    Hey Michelle, thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I see lots of people moving toward homeschooling. You should see if there is a homeschool co-op academy in your area. Those are private, small schools where homeschooled kids can come for classes on subjects their parents aren’t strong in. A friend of mine teaches in one, and they are great, when they’re around.

    Hope to see you around again. Happy blogging!

  2. bethhiett permalink
    December 30, 2009 6:35 pm

    The question,” How do you know it was God?” is a valid one. Indeed, it is the most important one to ask in anything we do. For me, it usually wait until I get the distinct feeling that I am being disobediant by not doing something I’m not sure about. For instance, I’ve felt led to begin a friendship with some elderly people down the street. After months of procrastinating, I began to feel that to continue waiting any longer would be disobediant. The same with blogging. I don’t understand why I need to but I feel that if I don’t I am being disobediant. I’m sure the Holy Spirit will let you know.

    Sometimes, we do make mistakes in discerning God’s leading but I am convinced He gives grace to cover those mistakes especially the ones done in good faith. I stayed in leadership in BSF one year tooooo long and my family felt the brunt of it. But God cared for them and me through that terrible time of being overextended. I learned a lot too.

    As far as being unqualified, welcome to the club. The old phrase, “God doesn’t called the equipped, He equips the called” is really true. I started Megan’s schooling in a full postpartum depression–so God can do anything. I know you are used to walking in faith.

    Whatever you do, obediance is what will bring you the greatest joy and a cross as well. But that’s what Jesus said to expect, right? One thing I am convinced of in regards to educating children–you can’t do it alone. Self-sufficiency is bunk in the body of Christ. You won’t be doing it alone and that’s how it should be. I LOVE the classes Megan has and the extra adults to help carry the load.

    BTW…soon I’ll write that last email about homeschooling…

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