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Petty Grievances

December 13, 2009

I’m sorry to do this to you, but I am about to air one of my petty grievances and get it off my chest.  Are you ready for it?  Okay.  Here goes… Christians who rag on Christian music, really get my goat!  There.  I said it.  All of the, “they’re just ripping off this band or this singer,” or “they’re  so unoriginal,” and “Christian radio stations just play the top 20 on an endless loop.”  Seriously?  What a bunch of whiners!  First of all, everybody rips off everybody else, even in secular music.  Think Vanilla Ice’s, “Ice Ice Baby,” and Queen’s, “Under Pressure.”  Secondly, nothing has been original since God created, well…   EVERYTHING!  When you look at it that way, we’re all just a bunch of second-rate hacks.  Does that sound too harsh?  I told you it gets my goat!  I mean, how can anyone rag on music that is all about glorifying God and edifying the body of Christ?  Seriously.  What’s up with that?  And finally, have you ever listened to a popular radio station that doesn’t play the top 20 on an endless loop?  It’s kind of how they roll.

Maybe this laundry list of grievances is just a cop out; an excuse to assuage the conviction that, guarding one’s mind doesn’t presuppose anything with a funky beat and catchy lyrics.  I’m not saying that’s the case.  I’m just sayin’……  maybe.

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