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The Year of Less is… Exhausting!

January 23, 2010

Who knew?  You would think that simplifying your life once and for all, would be simple.  You would think that the very word simplify, means enjoying an ease of life you had not previously enjoyed.  You would think that.  But you would be wrong.  Oh, how you would be wrong.

It took me 3 whole hours to clean out my boys’ room, on Tuesday.  To say that I could have employed a bulldozer for this task, would NOT be an exaggeration.  4 tall kitchen bags + 4 plastic grocery bags, FULL of junk.  And I really mean, junk!  At one point, I found a plastic cup and a gunk encrusted fork buried beneath a pile of God knows what, that ultimately led to my discovery of an untapped resource to my gag reflex.

BUT.  I persevered.  And the result was a bedroom they didn’t recognize when they got home from school. “Mom!  What happened to our room?!”  Oh.  I know what happened, dear readers. Mom, happened.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Until next time,


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