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Less of Me (Day 1)

April 21, 2010

A few posts ago, I blogged about a light bulb moment, that I called, “The Year of Less.”  To be honest, I haven’t been doing any of the things I set out to do.  Sigh…  I get frustrated with myself when I set goals that I don’t keep.  Part of my problem is, that I give myself so much to do, that I quickly become overwhelmed.  I look at my “to-do list,” and can’t for the life of me, figure out where to start. Being a serial perfectionist, doesn’t help much, either.  I’m one of those “all or nothing,” people.  Meaning, if I can’t do something exactly the way I think it should be done, I won’t do it at all.  Ugh.  Some days, it’s a chore to be me.  But I digress.

Today, I took a positive step in meeting one of my goals in the Year of Less.  Or more specifically, in the Year of Less of Me.  Today, I joined Weight Watchers.  For the 4th or 5th time in my adult life. But that’s beside the point.  The point being, that I actually took a step forward in attaining one of my goals.  I even paid for one full month in advance, so I wouldn’t back out.  Now that’s commitment, baby!  What’s more, I have full and complete support from StudMuffin.  He is going so far as to attend meetings with me, even though he is not a WW member.  This is a HUGE encouragement to me, because I am an introvert– and I hate, absolutely hate, being alone with a bunch of people I do not know!  There are few things in life that freak me out more; unless it’s birds, snakes, spiders, frogs, cockroaches, or being in tight spaces!  So today, StudMuffin was my hero, and I fell in love with him, all over again.  Today, it felt good to be me.


The Countdown in the Year of Less (of Me):

Day 1


6:00 p.m.-  Became a WW member.  Woot.


Height-  5ft.  8 in.

Current Weight-  192.4 lbs.  (typed with quivering fingers and a boat load of internal whimpering!)  Gah!!!


Short-term –  To lose 5 % of my current weight… 184.2 lbs.

Long-term –  140 lbs.  Gah!!!  (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…)

Tomorrow-  Journal what I eat, keep to my points, exercise…

Mood o’ Meter:

A little apprehensive…

A little bit afraid…

A little bit afraid that I’ll fail…

A little bit excited, too… (let’s hope this is the mood that prevails!)


Wish me luck, y’all.  And if you’re the sort that prays, I wouldn’t mind of few of those, thrown my way!

Until next time…


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